About No Excuse Ministry PAC

Welcome to No Excuse Ministry PAC’s official blog!

No Excuse Ministry PAC is a political game changer because it reaches minorities, saves lives and preserves our republic.

Our Mission is to preserve America’s republic by earning minority votes for life.

Our Primary Objective is to defeat any incumbent who has voted to advance or inflict the abortion industry’s agenda on minorities and children, undermine or usurp parental rights, redefine marriage, or prevent school choice. We expose it to the light. Ephesians 5:11

…because political parties change, but God’s Word doesn’t.

This God-honoring approach opens the door to:

Expose liberal legislators’ voting records;
Disclose the 70 years of missing black political history removed from textbooks;
Introduce voters to The Frederick Douglass Foundation.

…and to show who is voting to:

Promote the culture of death;
Oppose school choice;
Destroy “traditional” marriage and promote homosexual behavior indoctrination;
Usurp parental rights;
Perpetuate the government’s welfare entrapment system.

No Excuse Ministry PAC changes the voting matrix for life and heals the racial divide— all done with a strategy that honors the word of God by elevating the sanctity of every human life.

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