No Excuse Ministry PAC congratulates Bryce Reeves for his victory over Senator Edd Houck…

No Excuse Ministry PAC congratulates Bryce Reeves for his victory over Senator Edd Houck.. Children, both born and preborn, are far safer now that the Chairman of the Senate Health and Education Committee, Edd Houck, will be replaced by someone who will protect the life of preborn children and protect parental rights.

I am convinced more than ever that by exposing Edd Houck’s voting record against parental rights and for the aggressive abortion industry, it converted a lot of votes over to Bryce Reeves and diffused some voters’ energy to vote for Houck. Parents do not want government politicians making health care decisions for their children and these parents showed up to vote. The 28-year radically, liberal incumbent Senator, who is used to dealing in smoke screens, couldn’t respond when his voting record was exposed. So we are so pleased that Bryce Reeves will represent District 17 and stand firm for family values.

No Excuse Ministry PAC had a busy year exposing Edd Houck’s record including:
producing Defeat Edd Houck videos; exposing Houck’s record on 5 radio programs; guest op-ed in Free Lance Star; newspaper and blog site articles in Washington Post, World Virginia, Free Lance Star, Washington Times, Virginia Right, Right Side News and more held a pro-life conference with Dr. Alveda King and exposed the voting record; networking with minorities who traditionally have voted for Houck without awareness of his anti-family voting record distribution of 10,000 flyers to moms and dads
we exposed Black genocide in America using the Maafa21 film and how the Virginia Senate Health and Education Committee advances the abortion industry’s agenda.

Committed to standing firm on the sanctity of life, parental rights, God-ordained marriage and American Laws for American Courts, No Excuse Ministry will continue exposing the truth.

Thank you for partnering with NEM PAC and making this result possible.

Terry Beatley