Dr. Alveda King Participates In Proving Senator Edd Houck Is A Master of Disguise

Tuesday, September 27th, Dr. Alveda King flew from Atlanta, GA, to speak at No Excuse Ministry PAC’s press conference releasing Constituent Films- locally produced videos explaining how Senator Edd Houck’s votes to usurp and undermine parental rights by nearly always siding with the abortion industry lobbyists. In order for the abortion industry to advance its agenda on children, the surest bet is to do it legislatively by passing laws that drive a wedge between the vital parent/child relationship. (see attachment)

After delivering an effective presentation about the lies and deception behind the abortion industry and how Planned Parenthood started with a eugenic’s philosophy particularly aimed at the Black race, she stressed life is a gift from God and as Christian Americans we need to actively support life and be educated and engaged in the process.

Reverend Hashmel Turner shared his story of surviving abortion 63 years ago. Pastor Charles Ervin III paralleled Jesus in the desert to our U.S. Constitution under attack and Dan Donehey showed a few minutes of Reversing Roe, a documentary he made 15 years ago about the lies behind Roe v Wade.

I reviewed nearly two decades of Senator Edd Houck’s votes in undermining parental rights such as voting against parental consent or notification when minor girls get abortions; voting against parental consent on minors taking the “morning-after pill” which drastically alters hormonal balances and increases the chances of stroke, ectopic pregnancy and blood clots. I explained how Houck votes to make it easy for minors to by-pass parental guidance and yet refuses to vote to improve the health and safety standards of abortion facilities.

“His record against parental rights is so egregious that even the most staunch Houck supporter changes after seeing his real record.”

“Senator Houck is counting on that no one will ever find out his record on these issues. Whether one is pro-life or not, no parent wants to lose his or her parental authority because of a lifetime politician who likes advancing Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

Over 60 people were in attendance.

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