Planned Parenthood and The Real War on Women: Target Blacks

Guest Opinion Editorial in The Free Lance Star co-written with Apostle John H. Bibbens, an African American pastor who is making a strong stand for the sanctity of human life and awakening his brothers and sisters in the Christian faith to do the same. We are working together to fulfill a promise made to Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL, who turned pro-life. The promise: to carry Nathanson’s message: “Love one another; abortion is not love.”


Planned Parenthood is responsible for the War on Women and their armor colors are not baby-girl pink and white. We believe this tax-funded killing machine should change its armor colors to red and black. Why? Because it better reflects their War on Women mission and purpose.  Recently, Planned Parenthood leaders lost their senses in response to the 40 Days for Life peaceful prayer vigils held in front of hundreds of abortion facilities all across America and around the world. The abortion giant launched a “prayer” campaign FOR abortion and glamorized its work as “sacred.” How ironic: the organization responsible for killing millions of baby girls has the loudest voice in pretending to protect women.
Since 2007, the abortion kingpin’s ability to reason was pushed to the limit because 40 Days For Life has coordinated nine peaceful prayer vigils to end the shedding of innocent blood with tremendous results. Five thousand nine hundred twenty-eight babies (5,928) have been saved from death by abortion. There have been 1,633 individual campaigns in 422 cities with over 500,000 people taking turns participating through 24-hour a day prayer for forty days straight. Because over 5,000 pregnant mothers who thought they had no other choice but to kill their little children have responded to the Christians’ prayers and chosen life instead of death by dismemberment, Planned Parenthood launched its latest charade of “praying” mimicking the Christians’ prayer vigil.

For five years, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have witnessed the amazing results of 40 Days For Life prayers. Here’s a quick re-cap to prove the case: approximately $2,500,000 in lost revenue because mothers and/or fathers of 5,928 babies choose life; 61 abortion workers have quit their jobs; 21 abortion facilities closed; 1,800 news stories about the prayer vigils and lives spared have been written or broadcasted. Ouch. So to counter attack the peaceful Christian prayer vigil, they had the audacity to launch their own “prayer” campaign. To what or to whom they were “praying” is a mystery because without question, the God of the Bible will never respond to their thirst for the shedding of innocent blood. In fact, the Lord tells us in Proverbs 24:11 to “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.” Planned Parenthood is desperate because of these outstanding results.
Examining Planned Parenthood “prayers” and its history builds the case for changing its colors. Its Day 18 prayer is for the staff at abortion facilities so that they “may be daily confirmed in the sacred care they offer women.” Wow. Since when is dismembering and killing a little child considered a holy and saintly thing to do? We thought we were to love one another. On the 40th day it “thanked” something or someone for making abortion “safe and legal.” Well, it’s not safe. Women are dying every year from abortion and many other women develop health complications which are linked to abortion including breast cancer, miscarriages, damaged uteruses and intestines, and psychological trauma to name just a few. Legal? It is better described as temporarily decriminalized, but like slavery, Roe v Wade will be overturned. The color red, for obvious reasons, better reflects what’s going on inside Planned Parenthood facilities.
The other recommended color, black, represents Black Americans- the first target market of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger. She started the “Negro Project” in 1939 to implement her eugenics plan…purifying the human race by eliminating the “unfit.” If one was poor, uneducated, or sickly, eugenists, like Sanger, desired to minimize his/her reproduction ability through sterilization, birth control and abortion. In the early 1900’s most Blacks were very poor and uneducated and since that time, Planned Parenthood has successfully controlled the Black birth rate by planting the vast majority of their abortion facilities in minority communities and marketing services to them. Considering Sanger was an atheist who adhered to the Darwinian philosophy of “survival of the fittest,” Black population control was a logical plank in reaching her goal: purifying the race. The favored race, according to Planned Parenthood’s founder, (who often had one of Hitler’s minions writing in her Birth Control Review publication) was White. Therefore, we think Planned Parenthood’s other color should be black reflecting its original target market.
Since Planned Parenthood’s War on Women battlefield is covered with death, deception and destruction at taxpayer expense, we think Marxist red and target-market black are much more suitable for their armor colors. Isn’t it time for Black, White and Hispanic Americans to cut the tax money umbilical cord to anti-girl/anti-woman Planned Parenthood? It’s time to end Planned Parenthood’s War on Women and expose their true colors?

The Founder of the largest abortion lobby group weighs in on the constitutional right to life…

As published in The Free Lance Star newspaper on February 17, 2012

by Terry Beatley

In response to the letter to the editor with the title “Think you have control over your own body, ladies?” I would like to share a counter viewpoint from Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the co-founder of NARAL, America’s largest abortion lobby group.  On December 1, 2009, I flew to Manhatten, New York, to interview Dr. Nathanson who felt personally responsible for killing 75,000 children while he advanced unfettered abortion on America in the 70’s; and who gave me a message to carry to America.  I promised him that I would carry his message and never stop.

I wish I could share with the author of the letter to the editor who asked, “How is forcing [a pregnant woman] to carry a baby to term with a serious deformity going to help anyone?” and “Do you think you have autonomy over your own body…?”  Voicing her complaint that Delegate Mark Cole patroned a bill which would repeal taxpayer funding of  the state Medicaid program for women who choose to kill their baby in the womb due to physical deformity or mental deficiency, the author saw nothing positive or good in bringing a baby like this full-term.

Dr. Nathanson had her answers and if I could share with the author over a cup of coffee, this is what I would tell her…

As I entered his apartment in Manhattan, New York on December 1, 2009, I observed a physically feeble man in his 80’s.  Too shaky to stand to his feet, he welcomed me to sit beside him while I asked my questions and listened intently, sometimes with tears in my eyes, as his story unfolded.  His decisions affected the course of American history and the lives of millions of Americans.

In 1969, with the help of a public relations firm, Dr. Nathanson and a few other people caught the nation by surprise and framed the debate over legalizing, or rather decriminalizing, abortion. The co-founders of NARAL invented the slogans of “Freedom of Choice” and “Women must have control over their own bodies.” Framing the debate away from the morality (or immorality) of killing another person, he and his team set out on a course to change public opinion and lay the roadwork for Roe v Wade.

In order to gain the public’s acceptance of decriminalized abortion, he and his cohorts fabricated fictional polls results making it appear the majority of Americans wanted legalized abortion and they would disseminate this information to the media.  In addition, they lied about the number of illegal abortions done annually in the U.S. consistently quoting 1 million abortions a year when only about 100,000 were being performed.  The co-founder of NARAL also explained how they marketed the idea that legalizing abortion would not increase the overall number of abortions- a claim that is now preposterous considering a million people a year lose their lives to abortion.  Reflecting on the sinister nature of the death industry, it was obvious he was remorseful for partaking in this national deception.

Four years after co-founding the nation’s largest pro-abortion lobby group, Dr. Nathanson saw the error of his ways and became pro-life.  With the help of the new and improved ultra-sound machine and electronic fetal heart monitoring, a second patient was revealed…a baby…a baby with a beating heart; puckering his lips; stretching his little arms.   Shattering his pro-abortion world founded on lies and deception, Dr. Nathanson turned from being pro-abortion and began to tell the truth.  He even made an in-utero  film called Silent Scream, which shows an abortion being done.  Revealing the baby squirming away from the suction tube and a little mouth opening in an inaudible cry, Silent Scream was seen and “heard” around the country.

Dr. Nathanson knew what we all really know in our hearts:  the baby is not the woman’s body and therein is the lie that the co-founder of NARAL started.  Once we can recognize the humanity of the baby, who temporarily lives inside his mother, the argument, not the baby, is dead. Regardless of how deformed or ugly, he or she has the gift of life and every life is precious.  No child’s life should be taken   A woman can do what she wants with her body, but the baby living inside her is a separate and  genetically distinct human being with every right to live.  When a nation and a government violate this principle of life, everyone’s’ rights are abrogated.  The same lie supported slavery; the same lie undergirded the Holocaust…the notion that someone is less than human.

I asked Dr. Nathanson what message he wanted me to carry throughout our nation and he softly said me, “Tell them to love one another.  Abortion is not love.”  As his hands trembled while reaching for a cup of water, I was thankful that since 1973 his hands had been put to good use proclaiming a message of life and love, not death and deception.  He died February 21, 2011, but his message will never stop.  Loving babies and protecting the gift of life, no matter how short or difficult, are the right things to do.  When America can do that again, everyone’s right to life is protected and the “worth” of someone’s life will never be measured on somebody else’s scale.  This protects the individual’s right to life and which benefits society as a whole.

Thank Minorities and Protecting Family-values For The Conservative Shift in Virginia Politics

The New Year ushers in the first legislative session in twenty-eight years that former Senator Edd Houck will not be advancing his anti-family legislation on Virginia families and Virginia should thank District 17 minorities and the issue of protecting family-values for this victory. Considering Senator-elect Bryce Reeves etched out a 226-vote victory, I can nearly count that many minority voters and other former Houck supporters I personally switched once they learned about his anti-family voting record. Having been voted the “Worst Virginian in the World” by a liberal blog and winning the “Greatest Impact Award For the 2011 State Election” by a conservative blog, I thought I should explain how this conservative shift in Virginia politics happened. Simply put…caring about people who have been hurt the most by Progressive policies wins elections and saving lives is a sincere way to earn trust and votes. This is how it happened.

Last January at a little town hall meeting in Spotsylvania County, former Senator Houck made a poor decision that ultimately led to his defeat. I asked him, “Why does [he] vote to usurp parental rights and when was [he] going to stop?” In summary, at first he refused to answer my questions and then, at the very end of the meeting, he donned his “king’s crown” and made it clear that he believed politicians and minor children can make better healthcare decisions, including getting abortions, than parents.

What Senator Houck did not know was that his arrogant answers to my questions ushered in his day of defeat. I knew that Democrats and Republicans, rich or poor, black or white, love their children more than big government and its lifetime politicians and they value their God-given parental rights. Knowing that parents will lay down their lives for their children, I along with a team of volunteers, clad ourselves with the Ephesians’ armor and helped win a victory for Virginia families and for Christian pro-family-values organized under a new political action committee named No Excuse Ministry PAC.

We knew we were entering into a battle of worldviews: our Christian worldview versus Houck’s quasi Marxist-Secular Humanist worldview and that our team would have to adhere to strict principles to defeat him.

First, we recognized that we were up against something bigger than Senator Houck himself. With a voting record like his, which included votes allowing partial-birth abortion, allowing minor girls to get abortions without parental consent, and voting against penalizing someone who forces a woman to have an abortion, it was obvious he was simply being used by something more powerful than himself.

Secondly, we knew we had to stand firm and not back down to pressure. This included pressure from media, local slander, strange stares, Republicans and Democrats.

Thirdly, liberated to do the right thing because we were standing for truth and righteousness, fearing man was not part of our equation. The Holy Scriptures say that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and that we (as Children of God) are to have nothing to do with evil, but rather, we are to expose it. Our role was to simply and truthfully expose how Senator Houck buckled under school union demands to prevent passage of the school choice bills and the abortion industry’s demands which drive wedges between parents and children in its quest to promote promiscuity. Trusting that enough voters would respond to the truth, we distributed the information district-wide. Fearing that standing for truth and righteousness would backfire was not a consideration.

Fourth, we set out to earn minority votes for the pro-family-values’ candidate by exposing Houck’s connection to the abortion-promoter, Planned Parenthood, and its ties to the eugenics’ movement, which has for decades disproportionately and negatively affected the black race. Exposing Planned Parenthood’s Negro Project agenda was a good starting point and voters realized that protecting innocent life is a paramount role of government. This reality transcended party lines. Many African-Americans appreciated the truth and encouraged us to continue the outreach. Sure enough, the best way to earn a vote was to save a life.

In addition, we exposed how pro-family legislators have tried to legalize school choice only to have Senator Houck repeatedly vote against it. Exposing how school choice would drastically help impoverished students stuck in failing school systems, constituents appreciated the truth and understood the injustice in keeping poor children trapped because of political favors.

Undergirded by a peaceful and honest approach to exposing the facts, our fifth principle was to take the high-road and never personally attack Senator Houck. In fact, praying for his salvation along with his defeat was a mainstay of our prayers. Our feet traversed miles and our knuckles knocked on hundreds of doors delivering the facts and carrying the good news that there is a pro-family, pro-parental rights, pro-school choice candidate.

Sixth, we believed that by doing what the Gospel says to do, we would be victorious. Knowing that some people were frightened by our aggressive, but sincere, outreach, we were fortified with what was happening on the frontline and how the information was being received. Folks were thankful; some cried at the truth; some were angry. No one slammed the door in our face. So for every arrow shot our way to discourage us, we would receive twenty door to door victories.

Lastly, knowing that the Word is very clear about parents rearing their children, stopping the shedding of innocent blood and holding back those who stumble to the slaughter, nothing deterred our team from distributing thousands of Senator Houck’s voting record flyers; airing his record on talk-radio programs; producing Youtube videos and at times, facing the “king” himself at community events.

2012 ushers in a year with one less Virginia General Assembly misguided lawmaker and a wake-up call to all politicians: Protecting traditional family-values transcends political party lines and wins elections. Exposing the aggressive abortion industry’s attack on parental rights is a winnable issue. Stopping black genocide and saving lives should be priorities regardless of Roe v Wade. Providing school choice earns votes and is the right thing to do.

Happy New Year and cheers to protecting Virginia families in 2012.

No Excuse Ministry PAC congratulates Bryce Reeves for his victory over Senator Edd Houck…

No Excuse Ministry PAC congratulates Bryce Reeves for his victory over Senator Edd Houck.. Children, both born and preborn, are far safer now that the Chairman of the Senate Health and Education Committee, Edd Houck, will be replaced by someone who will protect the life of preborn children and protect parental rights.

I am convinced more than ever that by exposing Edd Houck’s voting record against parental rights and for the aggressive abortion industry, it converted a lot of votes over to Bryce Reeves and diffused some voters’ energy to vote for Houck. Parents do not want government politicians making health care decisions for their children and these parents showed up to vote. The 28-year radically, liberal incumbent Senator, who is used to dealing in smoke screens, couldn’t respond when his voting record was exposed. So we are so pleased that Bryce Reeves will represent District 17 and stand firm for family values.

No Excuse Ministry PAC had a busy year exposing Edd Houck’s record including:
producing Defeat Edd Houck videos; exposing Houck’s record on 5 radio programs; guest op-ed in Free Lance Star; newspaper and blog site articles in Washington Post, World Virginia, Free Lance Star, Washington Times, Virginia Right, Right Side News and more held a pro-life conference with Dr. Alveda King and exposed the voting record; networking with minorities who traditionally have voted for Houck without awareness of his anti-family voting record distribution of 10,000 flyers to moms and dads
we exposed Black genocide in America using the Maafa21 film and how the Virginia Senate Health and Education Committee advances the abortion industry’s agenda.

Committed to standing firm on the sanctity of life, parental rights, God-ordained marriage and American Laws for American Courts, No Excuse Ministry will continue exposing the truth.

Thank you for partnering with NEM PAC and making this result possible.

Terry Beatley

As Published in Virginia Right! October 16, 2011

This is a guest blog from Terry Beatley, long time fighter for parental rights and now founder of No Excuse Ministry PAC that is reaching out with a message of how liberal policies are hurting the African-American community:

The Connection Between Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Senator Edd Houck and the Destruction of Parental Rights

As a concerned mother of two girls, I began searching for answers as to why and how parental rights are being undermined by our government. For example, why are minors allowed to receive abortions with a judicial bypass without the consent of their parents, yet the parents are held financially liable if their child is hospitalized or suffers post-abortive psychological complications? Why do certain school systems deny parents the right to opt their children out of government mandated sex education? Who gains by voting against legislation that protects parental authority? And why do certain legislators protect industries that exploit children? I found some of the answers in New York in 2009. But as explained below, more answers came when I attended Senator Edd Houck’s January 2011 Spotsylvania Townhall meeting.

In 2009, my quest led me to Manhattan to interview Dr. Bernard Nathanson, ob/gyn. In 1969, he helped organize the nation’s largest pro-abortion lobby group, National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, (NARAL). According to Dr. Nathanson, they were able to advance a culture of abortion based on framing the debate around a woman’s right to “choose,” transitioning Americans from thinking about the “immorality of killing another human being.” He explained how the abortion industry is based on fabricated facts, cynical slogans, false poll results and deception. He made it very clear: the abortion industry learned decades ago that the best way to advance their agenda was to market it to teenagers and then dismantle parental rights by supporting pro-abortion representatives in state legislatures. After aborting 75,000 children, Dr. Nathanson saw the error of his ways, and switched sides, becoming pro-life.

So what does a New York Ob/GYN and the erosion of parental rights have to do with our Senator Edd Houck? In the Virginia legislature, the erosion of parental rights largely happens in the Senate Education and Health Committee, which Senator Houck happens to chair. As Chairman, Senator Houck controls the most influential committee that directly affects the lives of children and parental rights. He is so important to the abortion industry that in August 2011, Planned Parenthood called Houck’s committee their “saving grace” in the Virginia Senate. Senator Houck’s alignment with Planned Parenthood is so close that at the Spotsylvania Townhall meeting, he introduced his “team”, which included Anna Halbrooks-Fulks, a young woman who started Voices For Planned Parenthood (VOX) on college campuses (VOX) and has been a summer intern for NARAL. He didn’t mention these credentials.

With Planned Parenthood as his campaign ally, Senator Houck has repeatedly used his Committee to kill bills that would require parental notification before a minor can have an abortion. He voted against parental consent for minors who want to take the “morning-after pill”, a pill that increases the risk of blood clots and ectopic pregnancy. He voted against banning partial-birth abortions until mounting public awareness of the gruesome procedure pressured him to change his position. He has also voted against state funding for abstinence training, but saw fit to vote for mandatory sex education for K-12 and teaching sodomy to minors. So much for ‘Pro Choice’ Senator Houck allowing me to choose what is best for my children.

At the Spotsylvania meeting, when I rose to point out some of his votes, and asked Senator Houck if he saw these votes as undermining parental rights, he initially refused to answer my questions. Finally, at the very end of the meeting, he responded by saying that it is acceptable to him for a 16 or 17 year old to make those decisions for herself.

Wow, everything Dr. Nathanson said now made sense. I witnessed a powerful Senator so confident of his reelection prospects that in a public meeting he was willing to tell me to my face that my minor children are better prepared to determine what is best for them than I am. And I saw a State Senator willing to support Planned Parenthood’s agenda over my rights as a parent.

Whether one is pro-life or not, I suspect that most of Edd Houck’s constituents are not in favor of having their parental rights stripped away by a politician, however good his intentions. My quest for answers was resolved and thought I’d share this account in case you wondered how long serving politicians support special interest groups over our rights as parents. So this November 8th, when I go to the polls I’ll pray for Senator Houck, including that a majority of voters of his district retire him. It will be interesting to see if a majority of the voters agree.

As a mother, I will never stop trying to protect parental rights from the long, encroaching arm of big government. We can take our country back and it starts by preserving the American family and parental rights.

Terry Beatley

President, No Excuse Ministry PAC

October 11

Yesterday I exposed Senator Houck’s voting record on The Rob Schilling Radio program in Charlottsville, VA. We discussed how Senator Houck is joined at the hip to Planned Parenthood and NARAL which advance their secular humanist agenda on minors by undermining parental rights. Why else would Senator Houck vote to allow minor girls to have abortions and take high dose “morning-after pills” without parental notification? Parents do not want this to happen to their rights or their children…but Senator Houck does.

Take California for example. Just this week minor girls as young as 12 can receive the HPV vaccine without parental consent. This is how the promiscuity business, which markets itself as women’s healthcare, advances its agenda and Edd Houck has gone right along with it in VA.

I’ve been showing Maafa21 to black audiences and the response is always the same…protecting life and defunding Planned Parenthood are top priorties. This mission transcends political party lines and will be successful. Eventually, politicians will not want to be associated with the defiled name of Planned Parenthood and it will be tossed out and done away with like an old rag. Isaiah 30:21-22

Ephesians 5:11: Have nothing to do with the evil deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

I urge you…Get off the couch and go do what the Word says. Victory is just around the corner.

…because political parties change, but God’s Word doesn’t

Dr. Alveda King Participates In Proving Senator Edd Houck Is A Master of Disguise

Tuesday, September 27th, Dr. Alveda King flew from Atlanta, GA, to speak at No Excuse Ministry PAC’s press conference releasing Constituent Films- locally produced videos explaining how Senator Edd Houck’s votes to usurp and undermine parental rights by nearly always siding with the abortion industry lobbyists. In order for the abortion industry to advance its agenda on children, the surest bet is to do it legislatively by passing laws that drive a wedge between the vital parent/child relationship. (see attachment)

After delivering an effective presentation about the lies and deception behind the abortion industry and how Planned Parenthood started with a eugenic’s philosophy particularly aimed at the Black race, she stressed life is a gift from God and as Christian Americans we need to actively support life and be educated and engaged in the process.

Reverend Hashmel Turner shared his story of surviving abortion 63 years ago. Pastor Charles Ervin III paralleled Jesus in the desert to our U.S. Constitution under attack and Dan Donehey showed a few minutes of Reversing Roe, a documentary he made 15 years ago about the lies behind Roe v Wade.

I reviewed nearly two decades of Senator Edd Houck’s votes in undermining parental rights such as voting against parental consent or notification when minor girls get abortions; voting against parental consent on minors taking the “morning-after pill” which drastically alters hormonal balances and increases the chances of stroke, ectopic pregnancy and blood clots. I explained how Houck votes to make it easy for minors to by-pass parental guidance and yet refuses to vote to improve the health and safety standards of abortion facilities.

“His record against parental rights is so egregious that even the most staunch Houck supporter changes after seeing his real record.”

“Senator Houck is counting on that no one will ever find out his record on these issues. Whether one is pro-life or not, no parent wants to lose his or her parental authority because of a lifetime politician who likes advancing Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

Over 60 people were in attendance.

Senator Houck Is Advancing the Planned Parenthood Agenda On Our Children By Destroying Parental Rights